Preparing your final version for submission

Before you submit your final version (especially if you submit LaTeX source), please go through this checklist. This is the same list that our production team uses to prepare articles for publication. The more care you take in preparing your source files, the quicker the production process will be and thus the sooner your article can be published.


Read your paper one more time very carefully, paying attention to the issues listed below, but also to typos and other corrections.

Checklist of the top issues

Believe it or not, the above are the main stumbling blocks for a quick conversion of a manuscript to a publishable S&P paper. There are more subtle guidelines below, but these are the most important issues.

Italicization and quotation

Punctuation and abbreviation

Capitalization and spelling

Other stylistic guidelines


The .bib file’s BibTeX format allows leaving out certain fields in each entry’s specification. We require a great deal more specificity to meet S&P publication standards. Our production process often gets bogged down in correcting authors’ bibliographies. Please spend some care on preparing your bibliographic details before submission!

NB: S&P’s bibliographic style is a close implementation of the “Unified Style Sheet for Linguistics Journals”. For the authors’ convenience, we make a bst-style file available (see the sidebar). But for production purposes, we actually use a new BibLaTeX-based implementation of the bibliography style. If you want to adopt that new system, check out the github repository for the project.